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    Deployment of Microsoft Active Sync App to Nokia and non-Nokia Symbian Devices

    Hi Experts,

    I am bit new to Nokia/Symbian Messaging technology and wanted to know few details of deploying Microsoft Active Sync push email solution on Nokia and non-Nokia Symbian devices.

    1. Need to determine the cross-section of exchange support across certain Nokia models and Symbian OS
    2. Whether Nokia & Symbian OS (in case we need to support non NOKIA Symbian devices, for example Symbian devices from SONY Ericson) support certificate-based authentication for Push email.

    3. How to deploy/activate the MAS in Nokia devices ()?

    I was able to get some information from the web.

    * Nokia offers "Mail for Exchange" on their e-series phones.
    * Symbian licenses Exchange ActiveSync for use in the operating system, but it may not be used for Nokia.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Deployment of Microsoft Active Sync App to Nokia and non-Nokia Symbian Devices

    The Symbian licensing ActiveSync was done by the now defunct Symbian Ltd. Now that the ownership for Symbian was fully transferred to Nokia, and then "open sourced" via the Symbian Foundation, I don't think that contract is valid in any form or way any longer.

    Nokia had a separate "Mail For Exchange" in the past. Now it is, I think, a default component of the Nokia Messaging: http://europe.nokia.com/services-and-apps/messaging

    There's also RoadSync from DataViz.

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