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    RTMp and 3G networks

    Good day guys,

    I am tinkering with Flash Lite 3 and video streaming. At the moment I have set up Red5 server, and written a test application which streams videos via RTMP, using port 1935

    [var connection:Boolean = mobile_nc.connect("rtmp://localhost:1935/oflaDemo");]

    Now over WiFi the video streams work really well on the device but when I try to stream over my carrier, the application fails. I suspect the protocol is blocked by my carrier but I am not sure. Also could the carrier be listening to alternate port numbers over RTMP and if so which one(s)?

    Any advice and alternatives? Ultimately I am working towards an application which allows users to view a live broadcast, utilizing Red5 or FMS and a live encoder - I tried to push for AVODs, but the client wants what the client wants you know?

    Kind regards

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    Re: RTMp and 3G networks

    It does look like the issue is with the operator. Have you tried contacting them? What is the total bitrate of the video and the bandwidht of the network? The max bitrate throughput in 3G is something like 360 kbps so the stream needs to be below that. But are you sure you have been able to stream rtmp on flash lite 3?

    Also, your example seems to be using a locahost connection, where the port should not matter since it's on your device, not at the operator ;o)

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    Re: RTMp and 3G networks

    Hey Risalmin?

    I have changed the localhost to the IP address of the machine I am using as the media server, and it worked on FL3.0 but only over WiFi.

    For instance - [var connection:Boolean = mobile_nc.connect("rtmp://");]

    I had to upgrade to FL3.1 of course because I was also experimenting with MP3s. I placed the default RTMP port just so I could paste the IP and move on with life. Anyways let me look into the bitrate and get back to you. I noticed the carriers are stingy with any tech information, and most don't seem to even know what I am talking about, but I'll keep trying to get more information.

    Thanks for the advice.

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