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    Pipe between two process

    I need to communicate (huge data & status) between two processes ( one python another Qt/S60).

    How can i transfer the data between these two? (apart from socket and file machinizam).

    In subprocess.py file, for posix method (apart from Windowns) there is a call for os.fork(). As per my understanding fork is not available for symbian platform. Is it by mistake or still we can use it?

    Please help me. I am new in PyS60.
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    Re: Pipe between two process

    First of all i think your choice of pys60 isn't much suitable for your case ( why not Symbian C)
    As i understand you need an inter process communication methods which as i think not available at pys60
    Also don't use file where you may face serious problem with access synchronization on the file
    I think it is best to use sockets

    best wishes

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