Hi OviStewey,

I've been in contact with some of Ovi Publish officers since I wrote the last post on the 5th of January. I was informed on the 7th of January that there was a delay in data synchronization since 1st of January. So the list might have seen working well since early December but actually haven't been.

I can give an example of an app developer who feels that is not being rewarded for his efforts. Me. Currently I'm waiting for response to two emails that I wrote to Ovi Publish pointing out that my app is not where the sorting process claimed by Ovi Publish, would locate it.

I've sold more than one item for N86 8MP over the last week and its position is 669 (page 56 on Desktop browser) in the best sellers list. It's fair to say that after some emails to Ovi Publish after the 3rd of January, my app started to have a reasonable position in the list; between page 1 and 10 (even with just one item sold in the previous week ), and sales rose but since about a week ago all dissipated.

Thank you.