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    NOKIA WRT Widget Crash ( Nokia E71, E63 and other E-Series )

    I've build an widget ( The Daily Star News ) on WRT platform and tested various devices. the application specifically crashes E71, E63, E90, E66 Communicator and other older devices but running well on E72. Is there any feature that doesn't support that devices or WRT platform problem? if anyone know please share with me.

    I've used core jQuery library from Guarana UI and the widget uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

    the working device list:
    Nokia N97, N97 mini, E72, N800, C500, C600, 5800 ExpressMusic, X6, 5233 etc

    thanks in advance,
    Jamil Ahmed

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    Re: NOKIA WRT Widget Crash ( Nokia E71, E63 and other E-Series )

    see this for Quarana 3rd ed FP1 support: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...anaUI-Overview

    basically you appears to have problems only with 3rd ed FP1 devices.

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