I have downloaded WebTV template data from
After install it was working fine on my N8. Then I decided to modify setting.js
I have edited the line 24 and now it looks like this.
var RSS_URL = "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12261738/demo.rss";
I have also changed the apps icon (icon.png file) and edited Info.plist file. I have changed

After this I have ziped everything and renamed it to wgz. I install it to my N8. The Icon and app name has changed successfully. App asks me "Allow connection to network". I choose Yes. After this I get the Security warning "Allow application to access user data?" and I choose Allow for this session. I see WebTV's template graphics and a pop up "There was a problem downloading the content. Error code: 0" and a OK button. When I click it I'm kicked out of the app.
Am I doing something wrong here?