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    Mobile Book Application Development Use WRT?


    I'm looking to develop mobile book applications which contain pictures/text and audio.

    Is WRT the best toolkit to use?

    Does anyone have any examples?

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    Re: Mobile Book Application Development Use WRT?

    what do you mean mobile book?
    is that phonebook with contacts?
    there is a contact api you can call within WRT.

    Nokia is back!

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    Re: Mobile Book Application Development Use WRT?

    No. The aim is to create a mobile application that allows a child to read a book on a mobile phone.

    i.e. picture / text per page, turn pages (as per a book)

    So in essence, an application that allows paging / graphics / text / audio

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    Re: Mobile Book Application Development Use WRT?

    WRT is probably easiest to develop for, but it isn't best for this kind of a thing, because you have to load the whole book over the network every time you start, unless you start fooling around with also APIbrige and native components.

    An even easier approach is to find an existing e-book reader app, and convert your content into that format.

    Note that in the case of Nokia, if you have a separate reader app (your own or somebody else's) that must be installed before you can get the content/books, you won't be able to use Ovi Store as the channel to sell the books, as it currently doesn't allow you to sell content that requires the installation of a separate (free or commercial app). This will probably change when Ovi Store starts to support the in-app purchase mechanism, but that - I suspect - won't work with WRT, but you probably have to develop a native/Qt app for Symbian based phones (Nokia might support it also for Java, but I'm not sure).

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