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    i have code my 1st project and facing problem

    hellow there from a tutorial i have code my 1st project but i dont know how do i compile it to .jar file they have told there make it a .zip file then rename it to .jar i tried but it shows error to me and i am confused to to do it or what will make it work so can someone look in it and check what is the problem and can fix it or give me solution how to fix it and make it a .jar file
    Here is the download link i added all the files in a zip folder so just tell me what is the actual problem and how to make it a jar file.

    the file size 6 KB.

    Sorry i am just new in here i registered long time ago but just using id from today after a long time.

    If my post in the wrong section please move my post to the right section.

    Thank you
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    Re: i have code my 1st project and facing problem

    if you are doing WRT widgets,you should maybe just re-read the getting started things. Basically you would rename the zip-extension to wgz.

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