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    Does CleanupStack::PopandDestroy(TAny*) do a recursive delete?


    I wanted to clarify this point. Assuming a class definition like this:

    class A
    B *b;
    C * c;
    D *d;
    static NewL();

    A* a = A::NewL();
    a->b = B::NewL();
    and so each object member within a is created.

    //do some operation


    Will the pop and destroy operation automatically reclaim the memory allocated for the member objects as well?

    Please clarify.


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    Re: Does CleanupStack::PopandDestroy(TAny*) do a recursive delete?

    Nope, with that example a simple free for the pointer A would be performed. Thus you should first derive the class A from CBase, and then also implement a destructor on it that takes care of freeing any intenal items it might have. Also you should have the B/C/D as private members and handle costruction of them through public functions of the class A.

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    Re: Does CleanupStack::PopandDestroy(TAny*) do a recursive delete?

    If you check the CleanupStack::PushL variants, you will see that there is a generic one accepting TAny*, and a specific one accepting CBase*. The difference between the two is that on PopAndDestroy TAny* is going to be User::Free-d at the end, while CBase* is going to be delete-d (so its destructor gets executed and it can free/close/delete/etc. its member variables).

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    Re: Does CleanupStack::PopandDestroy(TAny*) do a recursive delete?

    Just to add to wizard_hu's post, there is another PushL(TCleanupItem anItem) where TCleanupItem encapsulates a cleanup operation and an object on which the operation is to be performed.

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