Hi All..

I have a GUI app which maintains a Database in its private Data Cage..

I have an EXE which runs in background and needs to access the Database of the GUI app which is Data Caged and in Private folder @ "c:/Private/[UID3 of GUI app]..

for my EXE to access the data caged Database..

1. I need to have the same UID3 as that of the GUI... [when I am trying to install both of the apps with same UID3.. obviously it is throwing Updata Error for the second app.. as another app resides already in the phone with same UID3].. HOW CAN I HAVE AN EXE AND A GUI WORKING TOGETHER WITH SAME UID3?? IS IT POSSIBLE

2.Another way I have read somewhere that I need some special privilaged capabilities for my EXE to actually talk to the Database of another application's private data... if so.. CAN SOMEONE PLZ SUGGEST ME WHAT ARE THOSE SPECIAL CAPABILITES NEEDED FOR MY EXE TO ACCESS GUI'S PRIVATE DATA..

I have given same application capabilities for my EXE and the GUI but it still did't help..

Plz suggest me a way to solve this..

Thank you...