Posted by Fadi Tehfe,
on February 08, 2002 at 18:14

We are testing the Nokia 22 unit with a Redwood switch and having some problems and would like to get some technical assistance:

The Nokia 22 unit is not telling us directly when a call has been answered. We found that Nokia do supply a loop current reversal as an indicator of far end call connection. However the analogue trunk connected to the unit does not detect loop current reversal, only loop drop. Secondly the Nokia unit is supposed to offer a loop disconnect as a signal that the far end call has cleared. Our tests showed that the loop disconnect is not a full disconnect in that it only drops the voltage but not enough to indicate a line break. Hence we cannot detect a remote disconnect.

What we need to know is:

Is it possible to get a full loop disconnect when running the Nokia 22 unit in Trunk mode.

Is it possible to put out a full loop disonnect flash hook signal rather than a loop current reversal to indicate remote call answer.