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    7250 Photo gallery browsing in windows XP

    I think its about time that Nokia acknowledges this there is an issue with the 7250 and irda connections to Win XP in respect to the browsing of the photo gallery. I would like to see some sort of statement from Nokia, with a possible timeline for a solution. What do others think of this?

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    I am re-writing my whole response again because when the 7250 infrared deactivated it refreshes everything including this web page and now i have to rewrite everything again. there should be a setting for continuous infrared like Ericsson, doh.

    Any way my previous response ran:

    i second this arguement. Very frustrating. When i click on Nokia phone Browser, Nokia 7250, Gallery, Photos, the only pictures i can see are those i have copied there from another folder on my PC. these photos then become visible on my phone. If I delete them on my phone though, they still remain visible on my PC. All the photos I have taken using the camera on my phone are NOT visible on the PC, inc. some really good one of my daughter, arrgh.
    It did work previously, but I think that once a certain number of photos are on the phone, the software messes up. i really need to get these photos off my phone. Nokia yhurry and fix this prob with a patch.

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