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    OVI store QA is failing

    What I mean by this is that people doing QA are failing to do their job!

    I have been trying to publish one application now 3 times(and it has been taking around 2 months). Every time it has been failing to pass QA.

    First round there was real bug. Good job ovi QA! I fixed it, and send new version to OVI QA. But still OVI QA is saying that the same thing is failing. But because it is working in my testing 100%, I can not really fix working code.. So I removed the whole "failing" part from application, just to see can it pass now. The weirdest thing is that still OVI QA is reporting that exactly same failure, even that specific functionality has been removed!!

    I'm asking ovi QA ppl, please comment on this! I have been sending email to you(publishtoovi.support@nokia.com), but I have never got any reply. This is really frustrating!

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    Re: OVI store QA is failing

    Hi Hokkane,
    could you maybe tell us more about the specific issue and which content item it is?
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    Re: OVI store QA is failing

    It's very possible that you're facing an issue present only on certain firmware versions. Pay attention to those and welcome to the joys of embedded development

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    Re: OVI store QA is failing

    Dear Hokkane4,

    We are sorry to hear about your situation. Please send the content name and link to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com and we will be able to ask QA to look at this matter.

    Ovi store publisher support

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