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    Nokia E5 S60 Numeric only mode textbox

    Hi, I am developing a website which users will view and use in the Nokia E5 ( S60 )

    I have a textbox on the site which is validated to only allow numeric input. However, my question is, can I force the phone to switch to numeric only input mode when the textbox is active/clicked in ( rather than abc.. ) so that the user does not have to do the loong press of a text button?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Nokia E5 S60 Numeric only mode textbox

    Hello Chris and welcome to forum!

    You can achieve this with wap-input-format property.

    <input style="-wap-input-format: '*n'" type="text" size="4" value=""/>


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    Re: Nokia E5 S60 Numeric only mode textbox

    Fantastic - Thanks Ikka

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