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    N8 with output to HDMI how to draw on 1280x720

    Default display resolution on S^3 on N8 is QHD
    Is it possible to change display resolution with output to HDMI ( on N8 )?
    lets say to 1280x720

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    Re: N8 with output to HDMI how to draw on 1280x720

    Perhaps there will be an API for that in a forthcoming SDK extension. At least that is what happened in case of the TV output of older devices (N93, N95, etc.), they have 320x240 display resolution, but the TV out can handle normal VGA (640x480), via a specific API.
    Since the main Symbian^3 SDK is still a bit beta (version 0.9), it is probable that a final release of the SDK is going to arrive first, and I would expect any extensions after that.

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