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    Exclamation Symbian ^3 sdk is missing headers /libs and uses qt libs and dso files from qt 4.6.3


    Downloaded Symbian^3 sdk yesterday, tried to compile qtmobility - multimedia on it. It seems that platform version 0.9 is missing quite a few headers files that were present previously.

    noticed missing headers:
    - 'mmf/common/mmferrors.h:
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:48: the file 'mmf/common/mmferrors.h' cannot be opened
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:393: undefined identifier 'KErrMMPartialPlayback'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:453: undefined identifier 'KErrMMPartialPlayback'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:456: undefined identifier 'KErrMMAudioDevice'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:457: undefined identifier 'KErrMMVideoDevice'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:458: undefined identifier 'KErrMMDecoder'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:462: undefined identifier 'KErrMMNotEnoughBandwidth'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:463: undefined identifier 'KErrMMSocketServiceNotFound'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:464: undefined identifier 'KErrMMNetworkRead'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:465: undefined identifier 'KErrMMNetworkWrite'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:466: undefined identifier 'KErrMMServerSocket'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:467: undefined identifier 'KErrMMServerNotSupported'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:468: undefined identifier 'KErrMMUDPReceive'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:469: undefined identifier 'KErrMMInvalidProtocol'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:470: undefined identifier 'KErrMMInvalidURL'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:471: undefined identifier 'KErrMMMulticast'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:472: undefined identifier 'KErrMMProxyServer'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:473: undefined identifier KErrMMProxyServerNotSupported'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:474: undefined identifier 'KErrMMProxyServerConnect'
    mmf\mediaplayer\s60mediaplayersession.cpp:481: undefined identifier 'KErrMMDRMNotAuthorized'

    - 'MAudioOutputObserver.h' (this was in AudioRouting sdk plugin in s60 5th ed)
    * also lib is missing: audioinputrouting.lib
    * dso files are missing also, these are needed for raptor builds (sbsv2).
    - 'videoplayer2.h' is also missing -> no surface support will be enabled.

    These are simple missing headers. Also found that Qt libs and dso files are from qt 4.6.3, not from 4.7.0. Documentation on release notes state that sdk is 4.7.0 ready
    for example:

    This will cause link failures like (as these are new symbols from qt 4.7.0):
    mwldsym2.exe: Undefined symbol: '__declspec(dllimport) struct QListData:ata * QListData::detach_grow(int *, int) (__imp_?detach_grow@QListData@
    mwldsym2.exe: referenced from 'struct QList<int>::Node * QList<int>::detach_helper_grow(int, int) (?detach_helper_grow@?$QList@H@@AAEPAUNode@1@HH
    @Z)' in qlist.h:663
    mwldsym2.exe: referenced from 'struct QList<enum QtMultimediaKit::MetaData>::Node * QList<enum QtMultimediaKit::MetaData>::detach_helper_grow(int


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    Re: Symbian ^3 sdk is missing headers /libs and uses qt libs and dso files from qt 4.

    There is no API plugin pack for Symbian^3 yet, probably a final SDK will be release first (remember that the current one is still version 0.9)
    Some of the missing headers/identifiers may be still present, Symbian^3 uses a more complex structure in the include folder, so look around in it with a file browser, you may have to add some more SYSTEMINCLUDE-lines to the project.

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