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    Date Starts over again

    I noticed that at the end of 7th day, Ovi publish shows the status 'Update 1 day ago' There was no update from my side . I also notice the record of how many days ago the app was submitted is missing.
    While Iam not overtly concerned as my app is a free app, I would like to know - does this happen to you all frequently?
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    Re: Date Starts over again

    Happened to me on 10th day, but learned from an other thread that it could be that the QA-staff has edited the content...

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    Re: Date Starts over again

    Yep, it is the QA staff editing, I suppose the tool there does not care who makes the changes, anyway, also a nice way on you seeing that somebody is working on your stuff there.

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    Re: Date Starts over again

    Thats good news! Thank you for the confirmation...

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