My application is called first, it needs qt mobility library.
I compile and build follow the smart installer step: 1. qmake 2. make release-gcce 3. make installer_sis

first.sis and first_installer.sis are created. I think the first_installer.sis contain the smartinstaller.sis.

I install first_installer.sis, the installation is successful(it will verify the depended component, and install the QT mobility library, download from the air).

then I Install the first_installer.sis again. but it failed. the message is "Installation failed!", I check the document, it says "Unrecoverable installation failure has occurred. Installation can be resumed later by selecting the Smart Installer icon from the Application menu."

even I uninstall the first_installer.sis and first.sis, and reinstall the first_installer.sis, it will never successful.
why this fail? I think it should be successful.