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    installing aplications on 3650 phone

    Well after generate sis file I take it and get into the phone (3650) by infrared but then I want to install another version of my aplication and with different name even but it is the same as the first with some changes.The problem is that always install the first aplication I got into the phone. I can not make any test for my recent aplications. Well, I go to the manager menu in the phone and delete the aplication. But always stay 19 bytes in aplications like residual. What can I do? Have I to format the memory or is there another solution? Well, waiting for your responses. Many thanks in advenced.

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    If you are installing another application with different name make sure you do not use the same UID. I am mentioning the steps which you need to follow for deploying an application.

    1.Create a package file with extension .pkg.
    2.Specify the languages that the application supports.
    3.Specify the package header. All package files should include the application's UID, major, minor and build numbers.
    4.Specify the source and destination locations (target device - in this case 3650) and names of files to be installed.
    5.Specify the source location and name of the language resource files - if necessary.
    6.Invoke the Installation File Generator on the package file.
    You can find an example package file in the folder epoc32ex\ToolsAndUtilities\HelloWorld.pkg.

    Below are the package file content and the deployment details based on the example:
    #{"Minimal application"},(0x10004299),1,0,0
    ; Only two files to install for the minimal application
    The package header defines the application's name "Minimal application", UID (0x10004299), major and minor build numbers (1 , 0) and the build number (0). The second line preceded by a semi-colon is a comment. The final two lines specify the location of the files which should be put in the installation file and their destination on the target machine.
    To create the installation file HelloWorld.sis, invoke the Installation File Generator on the package file as below:
    makesis HelloWorld.pkg
    The final step is to use infrared (or bluetooth) to transfer the .SIS file onto the device,
    After installation the application may be run by selecting the HelloWorld icon on the extras bar.

    1. During development you can have choose temporary UIDs which could be from the range 0x01000000 to 0x0fffffff. Care must be taken to avoid clashes within development teams and between multiple projects, including old projects which may still be installed using same UID. UID clashes may stop a program from loading correctly, typically leading to "Not Found Errors". A UID is a globally unique identifier consisting of a 32-bit number.
    2.You can request UIDs by emailing uid@symbiandevnet.com. More information about allocating UIDs can be obtained from the Symbian Developer Network at: http://www.symbiandevnet.com/techlib...d/uidinfo.html


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    I follow all the steps you told me.
    If I desintalling an aplication from 3650 it does not matter if they have the same UID? My aplications have different names and different UIDs but I have the same problem. No matter what I do I always have the first aplication I installed.
    In the following lines I put the code of sis files:


    ; Languages

    ; Header

    (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

    ; Target

    and the other one is with different names and UIDs. Any idea? Thank you very much.

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