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    Two noob questions. QA and languages


    In the manual is written: "- You must specify at least one device as “Fully Tested” per platform. Otherwise is will fail the QA review process. "

    So, if we only have two devices from two different families, that means it's not possible to distribute the application for the other platforms? do we need to have at least one devide per platform in order to distribute our application?


    Mi platform is translated to three different languages, I think that means I need to check only those and it will only available when the user checks its own language in the ovi store... why do I have then few applications in english (at least, the description) when I select another language? or the applications in english appear in all the languages?

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    Re: Two noob questions. QA and languages

    It is rather clearly stated. You MUST have at least one device is each platform marked as fully tested, thus you must fully test the application with at least one device on any platform you are supposing to distribut e it with. For device testing access do check our RDA, it helps on most use cases..

    Basically I would suggest you to select the "works for all languages" option, othervise it will effect the distribution countries..

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    Re: Two noob questions. QA and languages

    The language localizations are handled differently: you need to add them to the METADATA, not the file.

    If your file is multilingual, just check the all languages check. selecting specific languages makes sense only if you have a GERMAN and an ENGLISH sis, for example.
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    Re: Two noob questions. QA and languages

    Dear publisher,
    Let me clarify this statement: "- You must specify at least one device as “Fully Tested” per platform. Otherwise is will fail the QA review process. "

    The reason why we have this rule is because we need to ensure that the content is tested by the publisher before submit to QA. As you know Nokia QA is only doing acceptance testing, publisher has to be responsible for the quality of their own applications to ensure the best user experience. Therefore, we require the publisher to pick and test at least 1 device from each platform that you choose to distribute. e.g. if you would like to distribute to symbian S60 5th edition, you might want to choose 1 device from that platform to do the testing. Once the testing result is ok, you can select the "fully tested" on that particular device and select "might work" on the other devices of the same platform.

    Regarding language, a publisher should only choose "work for all language" if the application supports English. If the application is localized in other language, it's best for you to choose the appropriate language in the distribution. Language setting in the PC internet browser and language setting in the device controls what application displayed in the Ovi store based on language distribution selection that the publisher made.

    If you have other question, please email us publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.
    Ovi publisher support

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