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    Requesting accelerometer help

    Good evening,

    I have searched the internet for a very simple example of QT accelerometer practices using the 5530, however I can only find examples using graphics and physics, and it is difficult to see exactly what is needed.

    I am simply wanting 3 lineEdits displaying live X, Y & Z data.

    Is anybody able to point me to a "accelerometers for dummies" version or piece together a simple example?

    Many thanks for any help on this.

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    Re: Requesting accelerometer help

    Thats brilliant, thanks.

    So how would you get the XY&Z out of there and into variables so I can work with them on slightly more familiar ground?

    Basically I'm just wanting to compare each reading against the next, and if its different (within a certain threshold), put a message on the screen.

    Thanks, as you can probably tell I'm rather new to this, but loving it all the same!

    class AccelerometerFilter : public QAccelerometerFilter
    bool filter(QAccelerometerReading *reading)
    qDebug() << "acceleration: "
    << QString().sprintf("%0.2f %0.2f %0.2f",
    return false; // don't store the reading in the sensor

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    Re: Requesting accelerometer help

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    Re: Requesting accelerometer help

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