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    Getting web content to widget

    I´m just starting with developing widgets for Nokia, so I´m sorry for stupid questions
    Anyway, I want to make a widget, where you can find informations about movies and cinemas in Czech republic. I found a web page, which is perfect for this purpose ( http://m.dokina.cz/ ). My idea is, that user will type the name of the movie, or cinema and the widget will make url of that web page, where you can get informations about that movie or cinema.
    Here is an expample, if the user wants to get an info about movie "Red" in cinema called "Flora"

    but my problem is, that i want to show the result IN the widget, i don´t want to make some url and than send user out of my widget, to see the result. Is there any posibility, how can I show the content of that url inside my widget? Can I download informations from that website into the widget, so the user don´t have to open a web browser?

    Thanks everyone for help!

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    Re: Getting web content to widget

    do you have some kinda feed access for those movie details or you just pick up any site randomly?
    if there is a accessable feed of course you can make an ajax call in WRT to grab and re-organize whatever it returns,
    if you just grab the website content by some dummy website, you might probably need to create your owned database or some sort of importer to capture sort of content first and then provide ur data access layer by your owned content.

    alternatively, you can create an QT app to have your browser control and hard code your url.

    just few ideas, hope this helps

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