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    How to set default keyboard orientation to landscape in N8

    I am onto an application where I want to use portrait mode throughout the application except for
    when the virtual keyboard is displayed for entering texts.
    I want the keyboard to be displayed in landscape mode to take advantage of QWERTY keyboard that N8
    provides in landscape mode..

    Kindly guide me in right direction.

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    Re: How to set default keyboard orientation to landscape in N8

    Generally it's a bad idea to override input methods that way (see UI guidelines). Users are capable of turning the device themselves if they want landscape input and you should not deny them the portrait keyboard.

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    Re: How to set default keyboard orientation to landscape in N8

    You can switch the display to landscape mode when you display a screen that takes text input. Presumably the keyboard orientation should follow.

    There are very few facilities (essentially nothing useful) available to control the virtual keyboards from Qt (and not really that many from Symbian C++).

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