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    communicating on the localhost


    I am testing using the emulator on Windows XP. I need to communicate to a server running on the same host, in other words on the local host and local domain. The protocol involved is SIP. The server is the registrar for the domain.

    I tired setting the domain to localhost and also the code, and I am able to ping localhost successfully.

    But I do not see any message going from the application (using wireshark) or being received at the server.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: communicating on the localhost

    Accessing servers running on the developer PC works in general, I used such configuration, just for XMPP.
    However there may be a few issues:
    - SIP applies some kind of loop detection and elimination, it may be involved in this issue. Check if there are any logfiles, and check if they contain anything about recognized and eliminated loops
    - may not be a good choice for SIP, use some 'real' IP address
    - make sure that WireShark is really capable of monitoring local interfaces

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