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    Using MovieClipLoader with app bundled into widget


    I'm bundling around 4 of swfs into a widget installable. This widget has a 'Main' swf which then loads other swfs using the 'MovieClipLoader' function.

    The loading works fine on the 5800 and N8, but on the N97 the swfs don't load into the main app. The Flash Lite version on the N97 is FL3.0(0), but all my code is developed using FL 2.1.

    I tried creating a new movieclip dynamically to load the external swfs, and also tried placing a blank movieclip on the stage to load, but they did't work. Any solutions?

    My code is -

    var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
    var mcListener:Object = new Object();
    mcLoader.loadClip(externalSWFtoLoad, emptyLoaderMC);

    mcListener.onLoadInit = function(info) {
    loadingComplete = true;

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    Re: Using MovieClipLoader with app bundled into widget

    Check by adding a delay between two swf loading. The Total Flash player memory for 5800 is more than on N97, so just give a try.

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