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    Unhappy API Bridge Examples wanted


    I'm currently developing a user context information "aggregator", that is, something that checks and exposes the current user context based on the values of physical and virtual sensors detected on the phone. Java offers a limited access to context sources, and there is no way of knowing crucial stuff as the current profile in use (silent, loud, etc). I need to use native services to get all the info I need, but I haven't found a working example of the API Bridge, which seems to be the best way to overcome my current limitations with java mobile on the S60 3rd FP2 platform. Has anyone got a example of an app using native services through API brisde or by means of plain socket communication? I would appreciate any help you could give me, I'm currently making little advance and I gotta end this project to graduate :s

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    Re: API Bridge Examples wanted

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!!

    Is this what you're looking for?


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