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    Lightbulb how to increase power saver mode duration on nokia-C3-00


    I just bought a Nokia C3-00 and the screen light turns off really too fast ( < 10s) and that's pretty hard to use the phone (reading a message, scrolling my friend list...) I would like to know if it's possible to increase the duration of the lightening of the screen and how to do so ! (It may have a key combination since I havn't found any procedure neither by reading the user guide nor in the phone setup !)

    Lots of thanks if you could help me

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    Re: how to increase power saver mode duration on nokia-C3-00


    I've bought Nokia C7 few days before and i have same or similar kind of problem. The screen light goes dim so soon. I dont know its because of power saver or anything. Cant find any option to increase it. Having difficulties while messaging or watching videos or while on web < 10 sec screen goes DIM. Pls someone help me out...

    Thanks ind advance..

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    Re: how to increase power saver mode duration on nokia-C3-00

    Hi there, catavana, imthiaz86!

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Developer Discussions board!

    After having read your problem descriptions, I am confident you can get the best of help in them by following this link:


    That will be Nokia Support Discussions board, where we discuss all sorts of problems regarding the use of our mobile devices, e.g. in cases
    of those you described.

    I am sure the display dimming feature might really be caused by power saving features, as they calculate the display cannot be lighted more than that,
    even it would be manually set to default to a longer period. It's just a battery protection method. You could put your phone into the charger and try when it is
    charging and when the charging has finished for difference.

    So, please if you could post again your questions on that specific forum, that would be the best possible next step. Also, the support people on that forum
    are specialized on helping customers on such device related problems and issues.

    This just because we are trying to keep our conversations here mainly mobile development related. Thank you so much for your cooperation
    and I am sure you get your device specific help from that board!

    Also, it is good to recall that in case you suspect a faulty device, you can always take it to the nearest Nokia Care Point for a proper throughout check.

    Best Regards,
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