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    In App Purchase of Goods and Services

    i want to develop an app where the users can directly buy physical goods and services. the payment process should be integrated in the app and follow the look and feel of my brand.

    i made a lot of research concerning this topic and it was really hard to get valid and clear information.

    my questions:

    is it allowed to integrate a payment process for credit card, paypal etc. within my app (with my brands look and feel) without using a roundabout way with a mobile website?

    is it allowed to keep the app really simple, provide a form for the user to enter his payment information, send the information over ssl to the backend and process the payment there?

    or do i have to integrate the api of the payment providers like moneybookers, ogone, paypal into the app?

    Thx you a lot for answering my questions.

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    Re: In App Purchase of Goods and Services

    Ovi Store only allows to use payment systems that are integrated to Ovi Store (i.e., you can't use any external payment providers, unless Ovi Store has those as an available payment option).

    I don't think Ovi Store allows applications that sell physical goods, but just digital content within Ovi Store or part of the application (e.g., additional game levels & such).

    Verify with Ovi Store, though, by emailing publishtoovi@nokia.com (or whatever their support email address was).

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    Re: In App Purchase of Goods and Services

    I have to remember from the presentation of in app purchasing. Back then, they told that the beta was not open to ppl who do hardware.

    If you ask me, they indirectly said that they also want to tell hardware when the system is up for real. To be honest, it would be too sweet an opportunity to pass...
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