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    Turkish Character Support in SMS Screen

    Hello Friends,

    Here is my code

    <a href="sms:?body=merhaba tüm><span>SMS ile</span></a>

    when i click on the hyperlink it opens sms screen but the turkish character ü can't able to display in nokia 5800xpress music ..

    Need help how to display the turkish character in the SMS Screen.

    And help will be appreciated

    Amit Doshi

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    Re: Turkish Character Support in SMS Screen

    Hello Amit,

    sms: -uri handler supports only ASCII character set.

    Please see this document :

    So a workaround would be to use platform services 1.0 messaging API:
    function SendSMS_SAPI()
        var criteria = new Object();
        criteria.MessageType = 'SMS';
        criteria.To = '+358123451234';
        criteria.BodyText =  document.getElementById("smsText").value;
          var so = device.getServiceObject("Service.Messaging", "IMessaging");
          var result = so.IMessaging.Send(criteria);    
           alert('SendSMS: '+e);

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