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    J2ME application launcher widget in Homescreen


    Is there a way to implement a j2me application in such a way that when it gets installed on a device,
    the installer automatically adds an application launcher widget to the homescreen ?
    - Like a shortcut to the application on the phones desktop ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: J2ME application launcher widget in Homescreen

    You can have a look here :

    In there there is only one JAD attribute, which is
    But it doesnt seem to be able to place it on the homescreen...
    Personally I'd think it's not possible but maybe someone with some actual hands-on experience can tell otherwise ?
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    Re: J2ME application launcher widget in Homescreen

    Thank you for the reply Tiger79,
    From what i see the property Nokia-MIDlet-Category seems to influence only the actual install directory.
    I have found some references on the web to a so called Content Control API for symbian, that can be used to add widgets programmatically to the Homescreen, but i didnt find ani j2me reference to this API. Anybody have any thoughts on this ?

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    Re: J2ME application launcher widget in Homescreen

    AFAIK there is no such API/Method in the Java ME which can put the applicstion shortcut on the home screen, rather you have to do that manually...

    May be the Content Control API, in the Symbain is there but I suspect that this will hardly can access the J2ME app's information to put the shortcut on the home screen. Even if this can be done using the Symbain, then this will work only on the S60 devices and not on the S40.
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