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    Cool Playing music in background of the game.


    I have written a game and I want to add music to this game. I want to know:

    1) which format of music is the best for mobile phone? (mp3, wav or other)

    2) Is there any website that has collection of cool and funny musics? (I think 10-30 seconds samples are enough to put it in loop)
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    Re: Playing music in background of the game.


    As far as i know, midi (.mid) format is best (if its a mobile game).

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    Re: Playing music in background of the game.

    Hi there, Hesam & none800

    Here is couple of articles I found, containing useful information regarding media support : MIDP : Mobile Media API Support In Nokia Devices


    Finding audio and video formats supported by the phone:


    Basically midi takes less storage space and is less discernible. Wav provides better quality but pays with resources, same goes with mp3.

    If you want cool funny loops I gues that is excatly a good search string for a search engine in itself, I am sure you will find many good sites
    to download them from. Because sounds and loops are usually due somekind of copyright issues, I unfortunately cannot provide any links
    here just to be sure. But please take some time searching the internet, I am sure you will find exactly the best audio samples and loops for you.

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