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    Post Qt Creator and Symbian c++ together


    I'm trying to develop an Incoming Calls Blacklist Manager for S60 3rd edition devices by using Qt creator 2.0.1(which is Based on Qt 4.7.0 (32 bit) ) for study reasons.
    The point is that the APIs needed to do that are not included in Qt creator and not even in Qt Mobility last relase.
    The best i can do so far is developing a hybrid Qt/Symbian C++ application.

    Unluckly i found many threads about the way to implement a hybrid Qt/Symbian C++ application, but nothing related to Qt creator/Symbian C++ application.(the only one i could find http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/Qt...mbian_Platformhas been removed last May)

    I'm a novice developer and i'm not sure about the way to do that.
    Any ideas or solutions are more than welcome.


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    Re: Qt Creator and Symbian c++ together


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    Re: Qt Creator and Symbian c++ together

    it might be better to use Carbide and do the Qt application development with it. Then at least the mixing of symbian APIs should work. I remember having some problems with Qt DK earlier and the projects did compile with carbide just fine.

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