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    Doubts regarding App with Digital Content


    I have created an App with Digital Content like Audio and Video using Ovi App Wizard, where the downloading of Audio or Video is priced, User have to pay to download the Content. I have three doubts.

    1. Where will the Audio and Video will be stored, will it be stored on my Server or in Nokia Servers?
    2. What will be the Payment gateway used , when the user try to buy the Audio or Video through my App?
    3. If the Payment gateway is Nokia proprietary, then how will it integrate with my website that owns the Audio and Video?

    Thank You,
    Harikrishnan J.

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    Re: Doubts regarding App with Digital Content

    This is not the correct place for your question (which you have now posted at least three times on these forums).

    Please use the one post that is already in the appropriate forum for your question:


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