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    Saving Forms and retrieving them back

    I am not quite getting the saving procedure of a form. I create a form, save it. Where is it getting stored and what if i wanna see that form again? I mean, as in the case of the contacts. We give the specific details and can see those details any time. How can i do that with forms. I put some values with text. I save that with a specific name ( date ) and be able to see the info. again and add more information in the fields and again save it.
    I hope I am able to make myself clear.

    Chirag Narula

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    Re: Saving Forms and retrieving them back


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    Re: Saving Forms and retrieving them back

    Hi Chiragnarula,
    Sorry for the late reply. You have to save the data of a Fom by yourself i,e you have to take data from Form object and save it by yourself into a text file or any sort of plain file database or whatever. For a clear view of this , take a look at this article :

    Best Regards,

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