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    problems in audio inputing and outputing

    hai to all,
    I am developing programs in s60 5th edition platform using nokia 5800 mobile phone. It has GUI screen and no keypads.
    I am stuck up with two problems.
    1.key board control in audio outputting.
    In my program, I need to give data input when the program runs in mobile.
    I used two input controls. They are 'confirmation query' and 'abc text editor'. I called confirmation query in my program handle using RunConfQuery1L() routine and worked successfully. But I cant get any routines for calling text editor. I have already tried adding abc text editor. It works independently. But I am not able to call it in my program handle . which routine has to be used?
    2.recording API for audio inputting.
    i want to acquire the sound signal through microphone of mobile and save it in a file (Recording sound). How can i do this in my program( Any APIs)?
    please help me.

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    Re: problems in audio inputing and outputing

    recording should generally work just as it works with 3rd edition devices, thus any recording example from SDKs or from our wiki should be fine.

    Anyway, I'm not getting the problem with text-query-dialog ? are you having a normal GUI application with normal application framework on it ? and what kind of API are you currently trying to use ? and when from user's perspective should the dialog be shown ?

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    Re: problems in audio inputing and outputing

    You can find ready made examples (besides the ones in the SDK itself) in Library above, Code examples, Symbian C++ ("Select technology"). You can find audio recording and playback in the Multimedia category.

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