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    Tamil Font support

    I am using Net beans 6.8 and LWUIT Component.
    Using the Theme Creator software myself create a Tamil font ie Bamini font into the Themes
    And make use of the Themes in the Application.
    In both the Emulator and Mobile it displaying Tamil Font but it is not displaying the Dot above the Tamil Letter is not properly displaying.

    What i need is to display the Tamil font properly in mobile?

    Please help me.

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    Re: Tamil Font support

    I will appreciate if you could ask the same issue in the LWUIT forums, as here the people may answer the LWUIT however they are not expert and hence every issue can not be replied.

    is the dot getting truncated or it was not displayed at all?
    are you setting any padding inside the code ?

    Also have a look over that the preferred height you may have set, try to increase the same.
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