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    Elocation module error:Please help

    I have installed python S60 1.9.5 in N80.i have imported Elocation module.But when i start my Application which has this module showing error as
    Traceback(most recent call last)
    File "laucher.py, in <module> execfile('default.py,default_namespace) and i got also
    mportError : dlopen : load failed in elocation.py

    * some text * like

    Can anybody assist me Please help to solve please

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    Re: Elocation module error:Please help

    Hi prakashnaga,
    I observed that "ImportError : dlopen : load failed" is usually occurs due to change in capabilities.The capabilities of the module must be same as that of Pys60 shell. To check capabilites of any module, use SISConents AND capabilities of Pys60 is written on the first screen that appears after launching shell.So, the solution is simple, to use elocation module having non-basic capabilities (i.e it needs open-signing) then use a high_caps version of Pys60 1.9.5. Hope it helps.

    Best Regards,

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