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    Problem sending ringtone from web to 3320

    I have a 3320 TDMA phone and I'd tried to download a ringtone sending the following text:
    //SCKL1581 024A3A650DBD8D84B58DBDB18404144898EBEC517617617617624A145D892851561A624A125040841000
    as described in Smart Messaging Specification Rev2.0.0, but the phone identifies this SMS as a text message (not a ringtone as expected) and show
    /SCKL1581 ...
    removing the first '/' character.

    What I'm doing wrong?
    Why the first character of the WDP header is removed?

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

    Posted by Luis Gonzalez, luis.gonzalez@engineer.com
    on January 26, 2002 at 21:10

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    RE: Problem sending ringtone from web to 3320

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on January 29, 2002 at 09:17


    Try extending your header a little bit:

    //SCKL1581 024A3A...

    Instead use

    The 2nd 1581 signifies the originating port of the sender, and it should be okay to leave it out, but sometimes it needs to be included, and set to the same as the destination port. "99" is just a random reference number. "03" tells how many messages this ringing tone takes up (you may need to change this to 01 in your case), and "01" tells which message this is in the sequence (if there is a sequence).

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