Hi there

I am new in python programming and I'ld like to program the accelerometer.
After lots of readings I would stil have some questions.

I have a N95 v35.0.002. This means that I have S60 3rd edition FP1 so I cannot use the Sensor Framework presented here. I have to use the AXYZ module. Is it true?

I have two versions of python on my phone, 1.4.2 and 2.0.0.
It seems that testaxyz py script runs well in 1.4.2 but not in 2.0.0. Any idea why ?

Note that I have also tried with 1.4.2 installed and 2.0.0 not installed and viceversa. Same thing.

Does all these means that
if I have N95
I should use python 1.4.2 and axyz module ?