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    5 questions about multimedia application development?

    I'm a student in telecoms engineering (option multimedia services) and i'm new to j2me development.

    I have a nokia 2630, but it is generating java exceptions for any access to multimedia(camera, MIDI, microphone, etc) or phone memory (no memory card support).
    I'm not sure if this is due to the lack of the APIs on this device or to the lack of a certain certificate?? That's my 1st question.

    Anyway, after searching in the nokia forum devices specifications, i'm willing probably to buy a nokia X2, i think it has all the APIs i need (3D, Multimedia, camera, sound, music, etc). My 2nd question is, can i use all those APIs in my application even if it is considered as "untrusted"? can i record video for example and do some video processing real time (pattern detection, e.g.) and save resulting video to sd memory? otherwise, aren't there any free license/signing key for students or developers that only want to test the application on one device?

    My 3rd question is, are there better devices than nokia X2 for multimedia development with equivalent or less price?
    I want to test real time algorithms on a real embedded device rather than using the emulators which run on fast computers.

    My 4th question is, what is the API needed to access the phone call, for example in order to process the speech during the call in real time?

    Finally, is a device like nokia X2 capable of doing some digital signal processing like edge detection, image registration or even automatic speech recognition, or am i just dreaming? i didn't find in the specifications information about the CPU speed and the number of mips.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: 5 questions about multimedia application development?

    If I am not mistaken 2630 is quite limited phone (Series 40 5th edition Lite) and those phones do not support many multimedia capabilities through Java ME
    You should be able to play MIDI though...

    Yes, you can use those APis in X2 although untrusted application will ask more confirmations from the user (check facts about Java ME Security Framework)
    Doing realtime video processing might be a challenge though as you do not have access to the video data currently being recorded. There seems to be a workaround with Nokia UI API, although I am not familiar with the details (I am guessing that you grab the video images with the Nokia UI API directly from the screen, but I can be mistaken in here).

    3rd question: Pass.

    4th question: With Java ME you cannot. Your MIDlet is not aware when there is a phone call happening and analyzing the speech is hence impossible.

    5th question: As I said above, when you are recording with Java ME, you do not have access to the recorded content until you stop recording. So you cannot do ASR in real time. There is a Speech APi specified, which covers ASR and TTS, but that API is not available on any phone as far as I know.

    There is are some Java ME MIDlets out there for barcode detection, so some kind of real-time video processing is possible (although you have to use some workarounds)


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