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    QT Dev environment for QT + Symbian C++ hybrid code development

    Hi Experts,

    I would be developing application which will contain both QT and Symbian C++ Code.

    What would be the ideal QT development environment for this purpose ?

    QT creator with Nokia QT SDK


    Symbian ^ 3 SDK with Carbide C++ configured with QT SDK ?

    In both the cases, I am literally struggling with create a right environment where I can create or run the sample QT programs. I have the following environment

    Symbian ^ 3 SDK

    QT 4.7.1 SDK

    Carbide C++ 2.3 version.

    When I configure Carbide C++ with QT SDK version 4.7.x, I am unable to compile and run most of the example QT programs provided in the Symbian ^ 3 SDK folders.

    Any solid stepwise inputs to set the correct environment for developing application with QT and Symbian C++ combined program would be of great help (Please do not provide any forum nokia links or developer.symbian.com links as I have tried the instructions provided in most of the links and they don't work for me somehow)

    Thanks in advance for help.


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    Re: QT Dev environment for QT + Symbian C++ hybrid code development

    Basically the system's broke. Carbide worked well with 4.6.x, but people seem to have trouble with 4.7.x. And Nokia Qt SDK has never worked very reliably with Symbian C++.

    When I configure Carbide I carefully follow the link you've no doubt seen (http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/Us...tandalone_SDKs). That's worked very well with 4.6.x, but I've never tried it with 4.7.x.

    One thing I've learned is to never mix Qt versions on a Carbide system -- if you change from 4.a.x to 4.b.y always delete and reinstall the Symbian SDK first. The includes for the different Qt versions get mixed up in the Symbian include directory, and problems result.

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