Hi everyone, im very very new to all Nokia technologies so please bear with me!.
Im developing a mobile web site which should use an Ajax call to fetch some JSON data so i can dynamically update a html select object, a select box that are dependent on another select box.

For this feature i have used the code i found at this site:

However, through some testing with nokia remote device access i can see that a number of devices doesnt support this jquery script.

So then my question is if i can find some specific Nokia javascript / jquery libraries that would cover more devices. I can see here on this devloper site that Nokia have a javascript library calle WRTKit which seems to have both Ajax / JSSON and metods to update select boxes. My question is if i can use this WRTKit in a normal mobile web browser and not in widgets as i understand that this library are targegting.

Further, would you know any other scripts that i could use for my depenednt dropdown boxes (select objects)?

Best Regards