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Thread: Sound Problem

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    Sound Problem

    Hi to All,

    I made one application, the application is about music player but when i try to install the application on the Remote Access Device(5800 Xpress Music) I can't able to hear any sound and when I try to install the application on real(physical) Device . I can hear the Sound.

    Can you plz help me how can I hear the sound on the Remote Access Device?

    Thanks in advance
    Amit Doshi

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    Re: Sound Problem

    Hi Amit,

    Just so we are on the same page. I believe you have an audio file residing in a server, which the said remote device (your nokia phone) is meant to pick and play. Hope that's correct.

    One common problem is audio streaming is supported only in Flash Lite 3.1 and above - therefore please upgrade your Flash Lite Player then test the application. If this fails we may need to look at your code.

    Good luck

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