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    How can i get Location using Cellular Id (Please Help me)

    function getLocate1(){
    try {
    serviceObj = nokia.device.load("geolocation");
    var methodName = "Cellular ID";
    serviceObj.getPositionUsingMethodName(getresult, methodName,errCallback);

    catch (e) {
    var error = e.toString();


    function getresult(position,methodName){

    function errCallback(e){
    m using platform service 2.0 location code for getting location using cellular id but giving me type error
    undefined object
    How can i get geo location using cellid and areacode using platform service 2.0 (in wifi also)
    please help me out

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    Re: How can i get Location using Cellular Id (Please Help me)

    How can i get geo location using cellid
    you should use third party web services that converts cellular ID to coordinates.

    although, is the methodname which is "cellular ID" even valid? within WRT?

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