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    Question make call by Mobility api.

    got some info from here http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...-still-support already.
    I'm not able to use the QTelephony api neither by 1.02 mobility api.
    so, this -> http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...one_call_in_Qt looks like a solution for me, but what I should fill up in my .pro file so that I can reference the etel3rdparty.lib
    the other thing is, if I manually copy the etel library to my root folder, when it's been packed as a sis file, is it still gonna be there? say e.g my target handset is N8. do I really need to do this?

    Many thnx.

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    Re: make call by Mobility api.

    I think you are somewhat mixing several things there together.

    1. Do not put etel3rdparty.lib to your .pro - it is Symbian C++ file

    2. Do not ever try to put etel3rdparty.lib to your .sis file!

    Mobile Extensions was a "technology preview" that evolved to more extensive Qt Mobility.
    Unfortunately Telephony operations are not available in Qt Mobility yet.

    If you really want to implement this now, search for "Qt Mobile Extensions".
    For example, here is one article:

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    Re: make call by Mobility api.

    thnx Teemup,
    I think now I have catched up a bit background knowledge after wiki around,
    I've just installed Symbian 3 v0.9 and done the S60 SDK specification settings in QCreator, also copied the telephony source codes from the extensions to my project, but seems like it still can't recognize the #include <Etel3rdParty.h> header, did I miss anything?
    it still says "Cannot open include file 'Etel3rdParty.h'"..

    ps, I haven't install Carbide.C++ at all coz my QtProject is nearly done but this shitty makecall function... don't really want to roll everything back like UIs etc..
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