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    Custom dialog- a dialog similar to a popup dialog


    I want to implement a popup dialog which has a title, and its content text can have different color, size and maybe link or the phone number which can be directly dialed, just like the phone number in sms content.

    So I decided to follow the example:


    and chagend the .rss file to this:
    flags = EGeneralQueryFlags | EEikDialogFlagNoBorder | EEikDialogFlagNoShadow;

    type = EAknCtPopupHeadingPane;
    id = EAknMessageQueryHeaderId;
    control = AVKON_HEADING
    type = EAknCtMessageQuery;
    id = EAknMessageQueryContentId;


    And change the CSplashScreenDialog::SetSizeAndPosition, so it covers the half of screen

    But after I run it, there are two problems:
    1. I didn't see the title
    2. A simple rectangle covers the half of the screen and that is very ugly

    Sorry for not being so familiar with the UI programming, can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

    PS, it doesn't need to be a dialog, but the appearance matters
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