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    RConnectionMonitor + RConnection problem

    Hi all,

    I am using the RConnectionMonitor to get new events about connection.
    I successfully get creation/deletion of IAP (even though deletion's IAP id is always wrong - but that's not the question here).
    When getting WLAN IAP created, I trigger a http GET request using the newly-created IAP. Here comes the problem:

    ********* code ************
    void MyClass::EventL(const CConnMonEventBase &aConnMonEvent)
    TInt event = aConnMonEvent.EventType();
    if(event == EConnMonCreateConnection)
    // get IAP id
    TUInt32 iap = ....

    void httpClass::TriggerHTTPL(TUint32 iap)
    iSession.OpenL(); // RHTTPSession
    User::LeaveIfError(iSocketServ.Connect()); // RSocketServ
    User::LeaveIfError(iConnection.Open(iSocketServ)); //RConnection

    TCommDbConnPref connectPref;
    // Setup preferences
    // Sets the CommDb ID of the IAP to use for this connection
    // Start connection
    RHTTPConnectionInfo connInfo = iSession.ConnectionInfo();

    ... rest of code for http GET/POST request

    *********** end code ******************

    PROBLEM: after calling iConnection.Start(connectPref), events are no longer received from RConnectionMonitor
    I tried:
    - closing the iConnection -> does not help
    - calling iConnectionMonitor.CancelNotifications() before triggering calling TriggerHTTPL() and
    re-calling iConnMon.NotifyEventL to get new events --> does not help

    What I am missing here ? It seems using the connection affects RConnectionMonitor's internal behavior ..
    Or is it a known issue ??

    Hope someone can help ...
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