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    Question CTelephony + DialNewCall error


    I have a strange problem using CTelephony:
    I make a call using CTelephony:ialNewCall
    The call is made, but no popup with the number and status is show (I am reffering to the one that is show in case of manually making a call)
    After the call ends, the RunL is called, and the status is -2 (KErrGeneral).
    Any hints?

    void CCallDialer::ConstructL(const TDesC& aNumber)
    iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL();
    CTelephony::TTelNumber telNumber(aNumber);

    iCallParams.iIdRestrict = CTelephony::ESendMyId;

    iTelephony->DialNewCall(iStatus, iCallParamsPckg, telNumber, iCallId);

    void CCallDialer::RunL()

    CallDialedL is called with -2.....
    This means applications can make, so called, silent calls? Without the user can see it?
    If yes, it can has some very strange effects, like calling to numbers with special costs.....
    I am missing something?


    LE: i am testing on e52...
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