Dear fellas

Recently, we encountered an issue that can not be figured out by ourselves. please help us out. we are very appreciate it.

The story: our client want us put NR(non-removable) into the pkg file, we look around the internet only found some clues on symbian official website, the only way is via the command InterpretSIS, that is available since S60 5th. but we always failed to run this command under local machine, we have installed S60 5th SDK on local machine,

Please explain real meaning of below snippet text from below link:
'The InterpretSIS tool is a PC-side command-line tool. It can be used by device creators to install SIS files to a data drive image that can be flashed to a device internal drive or removable media. '

1. That whether mean the command InterpretSIS just belong to device creator, we (the third party app developer) can not use it???
2. We tried below statement in prompt environment always failed, error in the below
interpretsis -d c -c D:\s60\Nokia_N97_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\winscw\c -z D:\s60\Nokia_N97_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\winscw\udeb\z -s test.sisx +nonremovablepkg

ERR : Failed to install test.sisx
ERR : - C:\resource\apps\app2gen.rSc overwrites file in ROM.

Thanks a lot guys can give some clues on it.
the first question is more important, we want to identify the issue whether on our side, since the app is preload app, if set the app with NR property , that only can be done by device creator??

Thanks a million !!!