Hi all,

I'm porting a 5th Ed. camera based app to Qt and I have encountered a problem I seem to need help with.

The issue is that the app needs to run in landscape, and although getting the UI to run in landscape is no problem (by getting hold of the AppUi through CEikonEnv and setting orientation as mentioned in many other posts and guides), the camera feed appears to ignore this. Basically, if I hold the device (N8, N97) in landscape when I start the app all is well, but if it was in portrait mode the viewfinder feed will appear rotated.

Furthermore, another thing that worries me is that although the UI does appear in landscape (softkeys in the correct place etc), the geometry of my QMainWindow is still in portrait (i.e. 360x640 instead of 640x360 as expected).

In the interest of disclosure, I should perhaps also point out that my camera engine is ECAM-based rather than Mobility, the reason being that the app needs to be deployed on Qt 4.6.3-based devices.

If anyone has an idea or explanation I would be most grateful...

best regards